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Greenery is the color of 2017 according to Pantone

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I can’t say I saw it coming, but I like this colour, GREENERY– it’s fresh, vivid, natural, energising, healthy, springy, youthful, earthy…and so many more- it truly radiates optimistic vibes full of vitality. Maybe it’s just me but it makes me think to a healthy smoothie served at breakfast and Hulk.

Who would’ve thought that Hulk will be fashionable in 2017?😁

It seems it’s everybody’s turn to be Cinderella at some point in life.

I’ll let you enjoy the official Pantone video for the color of the year 2017:

Greenery Pantone 2017 fashion

Greenery Pantone 2017 in fashion

Greenery Pantone 2017 on the runway

Greenery Pantone 2017 fashion runway

Greenery Pantone 2017 fashion trends